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Divine Delight | Parvathy Baul | Sannidhi

She carries him everywhere. She sings to him, dances to him.

Who, who? Call him what you may. A little idol. The eternal cow herder. Whatever you say, he is full of the sweetness of a ladoo!

Meet Parvathy Baul’s Ladoo-Gopal whose naughty eyes open the doorway to the drunken divine delight felt in the songs of the Bauls, The Mad Mystics of Mother India.

In this 7 minute video Parvathy Baul, one of contemporary India’s most famous Baul performers reveals her sutra into the world of divine delight. A bit through words, much through experience. And it all begins with that naughty cow-herder, full of the sweetness of a ladoo. Yes! Ladoo Gopal!

Video Credits

EDITING: Niharika Popli
CAMERA: Akshay Madan
SOUND: Mathew Arackaprambil
SERIES EP : Akanksha Joshi

Science, Spirit & Song

What is the Art of Learning?

India answers this question with a word, ‘Shishya’. No, a shishya is not a student. She is a disciple, plus. A deep feminine receptivity. She does not ‘learn from’ the Guru. She, absorbs the Guru. She, imbibes him, his life, his being. Simply, delicately, gracefully.

In the life of Dr. Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande Learning has taken many different paths. She is a is a Scientist and also a much acclaimed Hindustani Classical Vocalist.

In this video, Dr. Bhide-Deshpande shares with us the art of the merger of Science and Song. It lies in becoming a Shishya.

Married to Dance

In the dissolution of the form, the revelation of the soul. Rests. The Art of Dance.

In this 7 min video Sujata Mohapatra, one of India’s eminent classical dancers and a Guru of Odissi describes the art, in words and in experience. Quite simply. Get married to dance. So you dissolve into the dance, and the dance into you.

In other words, false separation of the ego, dissolves. All that remains is Oneness.

No lover. No beloved. Only, Love.

‪#‎Sannidhi‬ ‪#‎Gurubhav‬ ‪#‎RandoMaharasa‬: Part I

#‎Sannidhi‬ ‪#‎Gurubhav‬ ‪#‎RandoMaharasa‬

In Indian musical traditions , just like in Yoga , you cannot ever separate the spirituality , the process of meditation from the talent and skill of playing the instrument or the vocals .

The singing and the music is a gift to the divine , a kind of feedback loop that gives one the energy and the flow to keep getting closer and closer to total dissolve , in bhav , in dhyan and perfection in performance .

Niharika Popli ( an engineer turned film-maker) and अक्षय मदान (who is a software geek as well as a classical music enthusiast and disciple) have been working with Akanksha Damini Joshi right from the inception of the idea to its final edit and presentation .

The idea is not just to talk about the genre , but the relationship between the performer and the Guru . To hear how these complex and evolved traditions carry on , in their intimate encounters . Without any schools and institutions . In the ancient one-to-one Bharatiya Parampara .

Hope you see and relish the series .

Our dream at Random Maharasa Entertainment is to keep sharing the real alchemy of how material, cultural , spiritual processes have happened , continue to happen in this indefinable land of ours .

It can be craft , it can be music , it can be innovation , it can be farming .

As long as there is deep spirit, a humility, an intensity , a creative involvement and a delight .

We hope to keep catching , in our valley , filled with receptive roots and trees , such drops .

Have a great new year , and follow your bliss.




GURU, a relationship gifted by India to the world. He is a teacher, but not only. For him is not just respect, but reverence. Not just love, but devotion. A relation which, in calling the disciple to live his highest possibility, opens the door to the divine.

In our musical traditions, Guru-Shishya attempt to share that experience of the divine via performance that gives the rasika – the engaged listener – a glimpse of that beauty and truth.

Random Maharasa Entertainment presents first in a series of four videos exploring ‘The Sacred Presence: Sannidhi’, of the India’s musical maestros, her Gurus. A unique relation that continues way after the physical form of the Guru has faded.

In this video is featured the well known vocalist Nirmalya Dey, Rudra Veena exponent Mohi Baha’ud-din. In the Sacred Presence of their Gurus, Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar and Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar.


‪#‎Kutte‬ ‪#‎Titli‬ ‪

Random Maharasa is very happy to announce that our supported Harpreet‘ s song “Kutte” has been been show-cased as the promo-song of Titli on the Yash Raj Films YouTube channel .

It will be used as the promotional song for the film.

The boy from Kurukshetra who came to Delhi with just a guitar following his passion . How Susmit Sen of Indian Ocean (Now independent) took a liking to him and supported him .

Then he made a song with lyrics by Deepak Dhamija and Maheep Singh called Kutte , for a short play with the same name , Directed by Deepak Dhamija .

Then Random Maharasa supported his first album ” Ajab Ishq Maati Da ” so poetry from Punjab and Uttar Pradesh could be put to music .

And now soon after , his song gets selected for Titli , which was nominated for Caméra d’Or at 2014 Cannes Film Festival .

Directed by Kanu Behl and produced by Aditya Chopra and Dibakar Banerjee it is already making waves , showing Delhi’s underbelly , just like Khosla ka Ghosla and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye did .


You can buy the album here :



Akanksha Joshi : Vartavali , DD News

Saturday, 12th September 2015, DD NEWS broadcast an interview with Akanksha Joshi, an acclaimed non-fiction filmmaker and Creative Director, Random Maharasa Entertainment, a new-age media company exploring spirituality, aesthetics, culture and performance from an Indian perspective.

Akanksha is leading many young creative people in music, photography, film-making to build new narratives that speak of India’s soul and expression. Her own films emerge as intimate creations, with her exploring the whole process – filming, editing, scripting and direction – organically, all by herself.

As a daughter of an army officer from the Gurkhas, she grew up across the Himalayas and Terai from Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim to Dehradun. Rivers, mountains and forests have been Akanksha’s Gurus since her childhood. She known as ‘Damini’ in meditation circles, facilitating creative meditation workshops combining esoteric practices of dhyan with dance and childlike delight.

Her films express her internalisation of lessons from Nature’s Gurus. From ‘GANGA: Ek Prarthana’ which is being shown on Lok Sabha channel since 2007; ‘CHILIKA Bank$’ on the largest salt-water lake in Odisha in India; ‘EARTH Witness’, the narrative in the voices of Central India’s indigenous peoples, sheep-herder nomads of Saurashtra, farmers of Sunderbans and Naga women on the changing rain-systems; and recently ‘HINDU Nectar’ on exploration of Sanatan philosophy weaving the experiences of wanderers across nations who come to this spiritually gifted land.

The interview is featured in Vartavali, one of its kind Sanskrit programme on India’s only 24 hour terrestrial TV news channel, DD News. The channel’s terrestrial reach alone is 25% by area and a whooping 49% of the population of India. Besides this, DD News has 29 functional Regional News Units / Bureaus which are broadcasting over 100 news bulletins in 22 languages/dialects.

The interview done with an idea to expand the reach and understanding of India’s ancient language Sanskrit, comes with Sanskrit subtitles. It explores Akanksha’s journey as a spiritual traveler, meditation facilitator and filmmaker-storyteller, and how all these aspects merge and flow to build her narratives, dialoguing on nature-spirit with feminine grace and lightness.

BBC Hindi does a review of Harpreet’s album “Ajab Ishq Maati Da ” !



You can listen to the samples and download the album here

And what a review on MoiFightClub the alternative film discussion site .Each song is reviewed with love and honesty.”I would love to hear what you have to say about the album, but personally speaking, all the new talent that comes up these days has just bollywood aspirations, and that leaves us music fanatics to look to our neighbors and get jealous. There are very few bands which try to present themselves as viable alternatives to the ‘drum-dholki-dafli-autotune-infected-Bollywood’ sound company. Harpreet represents a new sound which I hope gets popular and sells!
Art speaks differently to different people. To me, a good music album always makes me want to become a musician and explore the wondrous heritage of music that our country has. Take the old sounds, mix them with new, let nothing be what it has been since ages. Change, because it is wonderful.
We always tag the foreign music with ‘genres’, this album is Indian, and boy, what a genre it would be if paid attention and money.For once, I wish we would give out ‘star’ rating because this album and the supreme effort would have got 10 stars out of 5. Illogical? Well, which star rating isn’t?

Highly recommended.”



img 1



March 11, 2015


India has been a calling. For many. To journey. Into, into, into. Themselves. And through that, to discover, to uncover, the eternal, the universal All. For this, she has offered many streams to dive into. One of those is a huge gushing river. They call it, Hindu. Its a word that is not India’s. The Persians gave it. The British, for simplicity, carried it forward. It is after a river, Sindhu. Or Indus.

For many brought up in our times, the word – not unlike the others- brings to mind images, loaded with senselss violence, and pain. Or, on the flip side, with jingoistic reclamation of a past pride. Ego. Ahamkar. The one thing that the ancient Hindu sages said was false, that had to be not just left, but consciously killed, dissolved. Maro, he jogi, Maro. Die, o Yogi, Die. Maran hai Meetha. Death is Sweet.

For that death of the ego, were journeys, pilgrimages. For that death of the ego were prayers. For that death of the ego were stories. For that death of the ego was, Life. Said, unsaid. Every religion on earth designs itself this way. The ancient Hindus just bang into the head. Phatak! Dhyan. Bhakti. Karm. Choose a path. Live it. Or you are back. Again, and again. Till you get the idea right.

And they practised. Ego-dissolution. In the cold peaks of the Himalayas. The chilling waters of the Ganges. They chanted. Used Sound. Used asanas, body postures. Imagination, breath, body, concentration, contemplation. Nothing was left untouched. To Search. For that One truth. And … they prayed. To the river, to the mountain, to the earth, the sky. For support. They knew. Life is not just this one body. The soul moves. The bird, the tree, the minerals, the water, the rock … are no different from humans. One can become, unbecome, anytime. Connections. Web. Of Life. Eternal.

River, tree, mountains … they were all Gods. All Divine. And, of all fountains of Bliss, all seekers of Truth, Nature gave the roots. Moses heard the divine voice in a burning bush. Through a river was Jesus baptised. A spider protected Muhammed. In oneness with a river, Nanak found Bliss. Siddhartha became a Buddha under a tree. It happened when he touched the Earth. The bush, the river, the spider, the tree. The Earth. They gave us the roots, so we could fly.

A film by Akanksha Joshi | Produced by PSBT & Ministry of External Affairs | Created at the Random Maharasa Studio | www.hindunectar.in

Hindu Nectar – Director Speak

A film is a personal experience first, then a collective. Like Religion. A few words from the Hindu Nectar’s director on her spiritual wanderings while making the film | www.hindunectar.in |

To connect : www.facebook.com/hindunectar

Harpreet ~ “Ajnabi” – Music Video launched.

Ajnabi is the first single from Harpreet’s debut album “AJAB ISHQ …maati da”. Written and composed by Harpreet, this melodious blues song tries to capture the essence of zindagi (life), ishq (love) and waqt (time). Perfectly balancing the lyrical and philosophical, the contemporary guitar work of this number makes it a musical treat.

Vocals, Guitars, Lyrics and Composition: Harpreet
Drums and Percussion: Nikhil Vasudevan
Bass: Anirban Ghosh
Lead Guitar: Chaitanya Bhalla

Recording Studios:
Instruments at Studio Beat Route, New Delhi
Vocals at KJ Singh Studio A6TG, Mumbai

Mixing Engineer: KJ Singh

Mastering Engineer: Donal, Mastering World UK

Special Thanks to Susmit Sen

Direction: Vernita Verma

Studio – Mayank Agrawal
Outdoor – Karan Khera

Gunjan Arora
Post Production:
Vishal Tejwani

Camera and Studio Courtesy:
AMG Studio (Anglian Management Group Studio)

This journey was made possible by support of Sunny Narang and Random Maharasa Entertainment. A big thanks to them.