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Punjabi Phulkari from Pakistan @ The South Asian Dastkar Bazaar .

Phulkarian embroidery technique from the Punjab region (divided between India and Pakistan) literally means flower working, which was at one time used as the word for embroidery, but in time the word “Phulkari” became restricted to embroidered shawls and head scarfs. Simple and sparsely embroidered odini (head scarfs), dupatta and shawls, made for everyday use, are called Phulkaris, whereas garments that cover the entire body, made for special and ceremonial occasions, are known as Baghs (“garden”).

The South Asian Dastkar Bazaar had Phulkari artisan women from Pakistan, earlier this year .

No religious subject or darbar scenes were embroidered. Phulkari encompassed life in the villages. Creative ability of Punjabi women has produced innumerable and intricate geometrical patterns. However, most motifs were taken from everyday life. Wheat and barley stalk with ears are a common motif.Traditionally, phulkari garments were part of a girl’s wedding trousseau, its motifs expressive of her emotions and the number of phulkari pieces defined the status of the family. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phulkari)

There is a good piece on the various kinds of Phulkaris by Frederic Rond who says “The word phulkari usually indicates the shawl that was loomed and embroidered to cover women’s heads or to be displayed in a gurudwara (Sikh temple). This tradition was often associated with the Sikh heritage but as it was also shared with Hindus and Muslims, it happens to be more geographically specific than religiously specific.

The South Asian Dastkar Bazaar had artisans and craftspeople from Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and of course India.
The bazaar this year was from 23rd August to 1st September.

The Dastkar Nature Bazaar is located at Kisan Haat, Andheria Modh, near Chhatarpur Metro Station, on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon (M.G.Road) , New Delhi.

Open Daily 11a.m.-7p.m. Closed on Mondays .

The Nature Bazaar is an initiative of Government of Delhi and Delhi Tourism in association with Dastkar. (www.dastkar.org) It is spread over almost 7,000 sq. meters where people can get access to quality crafts and eco–friendly products. It will be a round the year cultural and retail hub, promoting innovative products.

Check for regular updates at the Dastkar Nature Bazaar at www.facebook.com/dastkarsociety