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Akanksha Joshi : Vartavali , DD News

Saturday, 12th September 2015, DD NEWS broadcast an interview with Akanksha Joshi, an acclaimed non-fiction filmmaker and Creative Director, Random Maharasa Entertainment, a new-age media company exploring spirituality, aesthetics, culture and performance from an Indian perspective.

Akanksha is leading many young creative people in music, photography, film-making to build new narratives that speak of India’s soul and expression. Her own films emerge as intimate creations, with her exploring the whole process – filming, editing, scripting and direction – organically, all by herself.

As a daughter of an army officer from the Gurkhas, she grew up across the Himalayas and Terai from Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim to Dehradun. Rivers, mountains and forests have been Akanksha’s Gurus since her childhood. She known as ‘Damini’ in meditation circles, facilitating creative meditation workshops combining esoteric practices of dhyan with dance and childlike delight.

Her films express her internalisation of lessons from Nature’s Gurus. From ‘GANGA: Ek Prarthana’ which is being shown on Lok Sabha channel since 2007; ‘CHILIKA Bank$’ on the largest salt-water lake in Odisha in India; ‘EARTH Witness’, the narrative in the voices of Central India’s indigenous peoples, sheep-herder nomads of Saurashtra, farmers of Sunderbans and Naga women on the changing rain-systems; and recently ‘HINDU Nectar’ on exploration of Sanatan philosophy weaving the experiences of wanderers across nations who come to this spiritually gifted land.

The interview is featured in Vartavali, one of its kind Sanskrit programme on India’s only 24 hour terrestrial TV news channel, DD News. The channel’s terrestrial reach alone is 25% by area and a whooping 49% of the population of India. Besides this, DD News has 29 functional Regional News Units / Bureaus which are broadcasting over 100 news bulletins in 22 languages/dialects.

The interview done with an idea to expand the reach and understanding of India’s ancient language Sanskrit, comes with Sanskrit subtitles. It explores Akanksha’s journey as a spiritual traveler, meditation facilitator and filmmaker-storyteller, and how all these aspects merge and flow to build her narratives, dialoguing on nature-spirit with feminine grace and lightness.