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Science, Spirit & Song

What is the Art of Learning?

India answers this question with a word, ‘Shishya’. No, a shishya is not a student. She is a disciple, plus. A deep feminine receptivity. She does not ‘learn from’ the Guru. She, absorbs the Guru. She, imbibes him, his life, his being. Simply, delicately, gracefully.

In the life of Dr. Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande Learning has taken many different paths. She is a is a Scientist and also a much acclaimed Hindustani Classical Vocalist.

In this video, Dr. Bhide-Deshpande shares with us the art of the merger of Science and Song. It lies in becoming a Shishya.

Married to Dance

In the dissolution of the form, the revelation of the soul. Rests. The Art of Dance.

In this 7 min video Sujata Mohapatra, one of India’s eminent classical dancers and a Guru of Odissi describes the art, in words and in experience. Quite simply. Get married to dance. So you dissolve into the dance, and the dance into you.

In other words, false separation of the ego, dissolves. All that remains is Oneness.

No lover. No beloved. Only, Love.