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Divine Delight | Parvathy Baul | Sannidhi

She carries him everywhere. She sings to him, dances to him.

Who, who? Call him what you may. A little idol. The eternal cow herder. Whatever you say, he is full of the sweetness of a ladoo!

Meet Parvathy Baul’s Ladoo-Gopal whose naughty eyes open the doorway to the drunken divine delight felt in the songs of the Bauls, The Mad Mystics of Mother India.

In this 7 minute video Parvathy Baul, one of contemporary India’s most famous Baul performers reveals her sutra into the world of divine delight. A bit through words, much through experience. And it all begins with that naughty cow-herder, full of the sweetness of a ladoo. Yes! Ladoo Gopal!

Video Credits

EDITING: Niharika Popli
CAMERA: Akshay Madan
SOUND: Mathew Arackaprambil
SERIES EP : Akanksha Joshi