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Kirtan Dhyana & Satsang

Village Bagoha, Bundelkhand

Kirtan is a method of Bhakti Yoga. Telling, narrating, describing, Sagun Brahman, Forms of The Whole. Meditation via story-telling, singing, dancing.

As we sing, as we dance, as we express our bhaav, emotions … our antahkarana – mind, to be precise – gently begins to focus on the Lord. Diffusing the flow of mechanical thoughts. Creating space from our ‘self’.

As we connect with the Sagun Brahman, the form manifestations of Brahman, we begin see the circumstances surrounding us – life, work, relations, heck, even our own emotions – as things, Outside. Passing. Anitya. Transitory.

The connection with the Whole makes us objective towards Reality. What others perceive us to be, what we perceive others to be. We begin to learn the art of sifting with clarity, the perceived and the Real.

Folk India uses the method of #Kirtan to dive into the Brahman. That which IS #Poornam, whole.

The Kirtan mandali of the village Bagoha sings this Bundeli bhajan, in the tradition of Gopi Geet from Bhagwat Purana.

Story goes like this. Kanha has gone to Mathura, killed Kansa. He is now the Lord of the Yadus, not a cowherd of Gokul. He has left Gokul, become one of Mathura. The Gopis are in pain. Angry, hurt, and hugely missing.

Kanha sends his friend Uddhav as a messenger to Gokul.

Gopis see him, and first reaction is an outpouring of hurt, pain. “Uddhau, go tell Giridhar …” tell him of our pain. Why did he leave his home? Why did he make Radha cry so? Why? Why? Go Uddhau, tell him of our pain.

Then. Once the pain is expressed, released. The turning in, towards the home, within your self.

“Come on, sakhi, lets search for him, he has not gone, he is here, in Barsana – the home of his beloved Radha.”

Kanha, never leaves home of the beloveds. In other words, to find the Lord, the Whole, the All … search in your own home.