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Microspin Disruption | Vidarbha Cotton Farmers | Make In India

It is all happening here, in a small Indian village. A pathbreaking Disruption. In the heart of central India’s cotton growing district, infamous for its farmer suicides, yes, Vidarbha.

A young engineer-innovator has joined hands with another young visionary cooperative leader. Together they are, truly, Making in India.

With women farmers, youth. Disrupting a 200 years old colonial yarn-making technology, the basis of the now old, energy guzzling Industrial Revolution. Creating a new pipeline of people and processes. A possibility for famers to become manufacturing entrepreneurs.

Welcome to The World’s Smallest Integrated Textile Mill in Buldana, India. Luring back the yarn from the archaic colonial technology, from the polluting, dirty urban Industrial hubs. Back to the villages, the farms. Where that fluffy white cotton is actually birthed. And to the people, the farmers who mother it.

Crafted Yarn™, straight from #FarmToWardrobe.

The Innovator-Entrepreneur : L.KANNAN aka PILA
The Visionary Co-op Leader : DR. Sukesh ZAMWAR

A ‘Micro’ Film By : Akanksha Joshi